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The Gordon Warwick Award

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The Gordon Warwick Award is made annually for excellence in geomorphological research by someone within 15 years of being awarded their doctorate (i.e. time since graduation).

Nominations are drawn together for the selection process in January each year and should be suibmitted by the end of December of the preceding year. Unsuccessful nominations will be carried forward for a maximum of two further years, if (i) the Research Committee deems them to be of a sufficiently high calibre to be competitive in future years and (ii) the nominee remains eligible for the Award.

Latest Winner

Dr Bethan Davies (2021)

The winner this year is Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway). Dr Davies’ research advances our understanding of how ice masses behave in different climatic regimes, using wide-ranging analytical skills including geomorphological mapping, glaciology sedimentology, cosmogenic nuclide dating, remote sensing and numerical glacier modelling. Her work is internationally recognized for advances in our understanding ice-sheet behaviour and cryosphere-ocean-atmosphere interactions and she has published widely in these fields. Dr Davies is committed to public outreach. She contributes regularly to the media about glaciers and climate change. Of particularly note is her impressive popular website, www.AntarcticGlaciers.org. This website engages with school, universities and the wider public, not just in terms of the subject matter, but also through encouraging women and minorities to pursue careers in science.