The BSG is currently working to enhance and energise its Fellowship to better reflect the diversity of today’s geomorphological community. We are working to increase the number of Fellowships in order to ensure a diverse, representative, fair and active Fellowship.

The Fellowships scheme was established in 2013, led by the first President of the BSG, Professor Ken Gregory. Initially all Linton award winners and all former chairs of the BSG/BGRG were contacted and invited to become Inaugural Fellows of the BSG. The list of fellows can be found below.

Any members of the BSG can suggest people to be awarded Fellowships. Fellows of the BSG are members of the Society who have made significant contributions to the advancement of geomorphology through, for example, refereed research publications, professional practice which has produced influential reports and recommendations, influential pedagogic advances in learning and teaching, and service to the activities of the BSG.

To nominate a Fellow, please log into this website and go to your Members Dashboard (accessed via My Account at the top right of the screen), select Award Nominations and then the BSG Fellows form. You will be asked for the contact details of the proposed Fellow and to provide a justification for the nomination and to upload a short CV. Deadline for 2024 nominations is 31 March 2024. Names received will be considered by the Fellowship Panel which comprises 7 fellows. Awards are made at the Annual Meeting.

List of BSG Fellows

If year elected is not listed, this indicates the fellow is one of the inaugural fellows from 2013, made up of BSG Chairs and Linton award winners up to 2013.

Current fellows:

  • Allison, Professor Robert (Chair 2007-8); wikipedia
  • Ashworth, Professor Phil (elected 2014); profile, scholar
  • Baker, Professor Victor (Linton award 1995); profile, scholar
  • Ballantyne, Professor Colin (elected 2017); profile, scholar
  • Boardman, Professor John (elected 2016); scholar
  • Bracken, Professor Louise (elected 2022): researchgate
  • Brunsden, Professor Denys (Linton award 1993, Chair 1984-5); researchgate
  • Bullard, Professor Joanne (elected 2018); scholar
  • Burt, Professor Tim (Chair 1995-6, Linton award 2017 ); scholar
  • Church, Professor Michael (Linton award 1996); researchgate
  • Cooke, Professor Sir Ronald (Chair 1978-9); wikipedia
  • Coulthard, Professor Tom (elected 2023); profile
  • Derbyshire, Professor Edward (Chair 1982-3 ); researchgate
  • Dietrich, Professor William (Linton award 2006); wikipedia, scholar
  • Douglas, Professor Ian (Chair 1980-1); citation from IAG
  • Dowdeswell, Professor Julian; wikipedia, scholar
  • Dunne, Professor Thomas (Linton award 2008); wikipedia, scholar
  • Evans, Dr Ian (Chair 1996-7); researchgate;scholar
  • Evans, Professor Martin (elected 2022); profile
  • Evans, Professor Robert (elected 2017)
  • Ferguson, Professor Rob (Linton award 2005, Chair 1997-8); scholar
  • Foster, Professor Ian (elected 2016); researchgate
  • Frostick, Professor Lynne (Chair 2008-9); (Linton Award, 2021) wikipedia
  • Gordon, Professor John (elected 2023); profile
  • Goudie, Professor Andrew (Linton award 2009, Chair 1988-9); wikipedia
  • Gurnell, Professor Angela (Linton award 2012, Chair 2005-6); scholar
  • Harvey, Professor Adrian (Linton award 2010, Chair 2003-4)
  • Hooke, Professor Janet (Chair 2000-1); scholar
  • Jackson, Professor Derek (elected 2021); scholar
  • Jones, Professor David (Chair 1991-2); profile
  • Kirkby, Professor Mike (Linton award 1989); wikipedia; scholar
  • Kirkby, Mrs Fiona (elected 2019)
  • Lane, Professor Stuart (elected 2015); scholar
  • Lang, Professor Andreas (Chair 2009-10); scholar
  • Lewin, Professor John (Linton award 2011, Chair 1989-90); scholar
  • Macklin, Professor Mark (Chair 2004-5); scholar
  • Moeller, Professor Iris (elected 2023); profile
  • Nanson, Professor Gerald (Linton award 2013); scholar
  • Nash, Professor David (elected 2022); researchgate
  • Oldfield, Professor Frank (Linton award 1992); scholar
  • Parsons, Professor Anthony (Chair 1999-2000); researchgate
  • Parsons, Professor Daniel (elected 2022); researchgate
  • Reid, Professor Ian (Elected 2016)
  • Rice, Professor Stephen (elected 2023); profile
  • Richards, Professor Keith (Chair 1994-5); profile
  • Slaymaker, Professor Olav (Linton award 2003); researchgate
  • Souch, Dr Catherine (elected 2019); profile, researchgate
  • Spencer, Professor Tom (elected 2021); researchgate
  • Sugden, Professor David (Linton award 2004, Chair 1983-4); wikipedia
  • Thomas, Professor David (Chair 2002-3); wikipedia, scholar
  • Thomas, Professor Michael (Linton award 2001, Chair 1981-2); researchgate
  • Tooth, Professor Stephen (elected 2022); profile
  • Viles, Professor Heather (Chair 2012-14); scholar
  • Wainwright, Professor John (elected 2021); researcher ID
  • Walling, Professor Desmond (Linton award 2007, Chair 1990-1); scholar
  • Warburton, Professor Jeff (elected 2023); profile
  • Werritty, Professor Alan (Chair 1998-9); scholar
  • Whalley, Professor Brian (Chair 1993-4); scholar
  • Wintle, Professor Ann (elected 2021); wikipedia
  • Wohl, Professor Ellen (elected 2023); profile
  • Woodward, Professor Jamie (elected 2017); scholar

Past fellows:

Bishop, Professor Paul (Chair 2006-7)
Brown, Professor E.H. (Linton award 1988, former Chair)
Gregory, Professor Ken (Linton award 1999, Chair 1985-6)
Orme, Professor Antony (elected 2015)
Starkel, Professor Leszek (Linton award 1985)