Diversity amongst geosciences is very low, and this most likely affects the BSG.

Creating a Society that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion is a priority for the BSG Executive Committee, and we are acting.

Context and background

The British Society for Geomorphology is committed to supporting diversity within the society and its members and recognises the importance and strength of diversity and inclusion within geomorphology. Everybody should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity or any diversity characteristics recognised by the Equalities Act of 2010. By being a fully inclusive organisation, we believe this will benefit not only individuals but also the benefit the science and the society.

However, we also acknowledge that we have still a long way to go achieve this goal. As noted in the recently published article ‘Equality, diversity, inclusion: ensuring a resilient future for geomorphology’ (Tooth and Viles, 2020) the field of geomorphology remains predominantly male and white. Diversity in the geosciences is low (EOS, 2015), particularly for ethnic minority professionals (Institute of Environmental Sciences, 2022).

Improving EDI is a long-term goal of the society so we can address this current inequality. We are committed in continuing to make progress and sustain an enduring commitment to EDI.

Strategic aims

The BSG has a role to play to increase diversity in geomorphology. Our strategic aims for diversity, equality and inclusion are:

  • To be a Society that strongly supports Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • To ensure that all members are treated fairly and feel included
  • To recognise, celebrate, and value diversity, equality and inclusion
  • To monitor and understand how diverse the society is – and to take action to increase diversity, equality and inclusion where we are lacking.

Ethics policy

The BSG Ethics Policy can be found here.  Please contact bsg@geomorphology.org.uk for further information, support or to raise a complaint.