The postgraduate membership is represented through a forum, containing members from various universities across the UK. The forum members attend committee meetings and liaise with the BSG executive committee. The forum exists to promote postgraduates’ views within the BSG, disseminate information on geomorphologically-related PhD positions and jobs and provide useful and interesting information on postgraduate issues and research.

To find out what the BSG’s postgraduates are up to, and for other useful information, follow us on Twitter (@BSG_Postgrads), Facebook and have a look at our blog.

If you have any issues you would like to raise with regards to postgraduate membership, or you are interested in joining the postgraduate forum, please contact Marina Ruiz Sánchez-Oro, Chair ( _ at_ or email us at bsgpostgrads _at_

Some of the events that the Postgraduate Forum has helped organise:

  • Webinars
  • Weekend trips
  • BSG Online Conference 2021
  • EGU Crowd-Solving Problems in Earth Sciences
  • Online networking events

Windsor Workshop

The BSG runs a workshop for new research students in December each year and we encourage all geomorphology PhD students to attend. The workshop introduces new skills and ideas, and you’ll meet fellow new postgraduates, practicing researchers and the BSG postgraduate representatives.

The content is non-technical, but provides training in project management, group work, dealing with large data sets, fieldwork, lab and numerical modelling, gaining funding as well as publication and future career development. One of the most important aspects is meeting other new researchers, finding out how the PhD is working for others in different Universities and often making friends and contacts that can last a career. You’ll also meet a wide variety of academics and facilitators who are practising researchers as well as the BSG postgrad representatives on the Executive. The BSG chair will be giving a talk about his PhD experience, and Stuart Lane (Managing editor of ESPL) giving a session on publication. There will also be sessions from people working in industry and from the BSG postgraduates.

The cost of the course is heavily subsidised for BSG postgraduate research members (non members need to join the BSG at the excellent value postgraduate rate of £50 for four years). This gives you full evening meals, lunches, tea/coffee breaks (Monday afternoon to Thursday lunchtime) and accommodation in the ‘up market’ environment of Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

As well as being a former home to royalty, Cumberland lodge features in several feature films including the Kings Speech. You can find more information about the Lodge here: Cumberland Lodge

Check out this blog from the 2021 workshop –

Contact us at and watch out for the sign up for the next Windsor Workshop coming soon.