Geomorphologists in the ‘applied’ industry, covering consultancy, regulatory and third sector industries, make use of the principles and processes researched across academia.  It is about applying this understanding to solve challenges caused by natural processes, help design and build infrastructure schemes, protect the environment through restoration and more.

The following outline a series of case studies and examples to demonstrate this, promoting the positive impact an understanding of geomorphology can have.

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Location: Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire
Project Lead: North Lanarkshire Council
Project completion date: March 2022
Funding: SEPA, Water Environment Fund, Scottish Government, North Lanarkshire Council

Overview: North Lanarkshire Council restored 600m of river by re-meandering and creating two ‘pre weir’ fish ladders.  The restoration area is located within Dumbreck Marsh which was a ‘brownfield’ wetland area developed naturally on post-industrial land in the mid/ late 20th Century. The area was once heavily used for colliery activities and mineral railways. After the decline of the colliery industries the land was left fallow and gradually accommodated wetland
habitats and associated species. However, in recent years there has been a decline in species diversity due to the wetland drying out.

Full case study: here