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The BSG has a thriving postgraduate membership. This section of the website is dedicated to promoting BSG postgraduate views and useful information. There is a postgraduate blog that is updated regularly with interesting stories and The BSG has a thriving postgraduate membership. The postgraduate section of the BSG is focused on providing useful information and support to postgraduate students.

The postgraduate membership is represented through a forum, containing members from various universities across the UK. The forum members attend committee meetings and liaise with the BSG executive committee. The forum exists to promote postgraduates’ views within the BSG, disseminate information on geomorphologically-related PhD positions and jobs and provide useful and interesting information on postgraduate issues and research.

To find out what the BSG’s postgraduates are up to, and for other useful information, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and have a look at our blog.

If you have any issues you would like to raise with regards to postgraduate membership, or you are interested in joining the postgraduate forum, please contact Madeleine Hann (Chair)