Individual project work can be the most challenging and rewarding element of a Geography, Earth Sciences or Environmental Studies course, whether it be at GCSE, GCE A/AS or undergraduate levels. Project work involves project planning, data collection and analysis. These are important because it is an opportunity to:

  • develop an interest in a particular aspect of your subject and learn new practical skills;
  • work in unfamiliar environments;
  • develop transferable skills, such as project planning, data analysis, writing and presenting a report, and working to deadlines; and,
  • integrate theory work in classes to the real world.

Project work needs a large commitment in terms of time and thought, and good time management skills, to be successful. However daunting an individual project may seem, your classes so far should have prepared you for it – you may have learnt about equipment, places, examples of fieldwork or been on field trips.

However, you are not on your own! Although you will be working independently, help is at hand from your teacher or supervisor, and from a variety of other sources which will be introduced later. Teachers will check on your ideas and progress.This page provides some suggestions for approaching project work at GCE Advanced level and beyond.