The science of geomorphology is not settled and is as dynamic as our landscapes. Across Universities and Offices, discussions are ongoing about the processes that shape our world. We have looked to the past, at how landscapes have formed, to try and understand how the Earth might change in the future – at how that might affect us – but with our actions rapidly changing both the land surface, the acidity of the oceans, and the atmosphere, is this still useful?

In 2020, we asked the geomorphology research community to come up and discuss the big ongoing debates in geomorphology.

They came up with key questions to debate and reached out to the societies wider community to contribute.  Check out the below to find out more.

Debate 1: What is Geomorphology?

This video explores what geomorphology is across the breadth of areas it covers, from fluvial to glacial to desert and beyond.


Debate 2: How do our landscapes change?

How does the process of landscape formation get started? Do they change through small and often processes or large and rare ones? Is it the same everywhere? How does it vary around the world?