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The BSG facilitates a number of publications. These include:

ESPL: Our flagship journal, published by Wiley, which disseminates papers on all branches of geomorphology, together with technical communications and book reviews.

Geomorphological Techniques: Our Open Access e-book, which provides technical instructions for a wide range of geomorphological field and laboratory techniques. Both completed chapters and topics open for submissions are available.

“What is geomorphology?”: A short booklet highlighting the nature and impact of geomorphology. This booklet can be downloaded free of charge.

Geophemera: The former bi-annual newsletter of the BSG which contained geomorphological news, views, reports and announcements. The last issue (no. 114) was published in September 2014. Newsletters, which have replaced Geophemera, can be downloaded here as well.

Gallery: Photos of geomorphological features, submitted by our members.

Links: An overview of international partner organisations. Suggestions for additional links welcome.