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Majorie Sweeting Dissertation Prize

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Aaron Wyld (2020)

Mr Aaron Wyld (University of Sheffield) has won the 2020 Marjorie Sweeting Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled “The hypsometry of glaciated mountain ranges with varying uplift- and erosion-rates and its influence on their geomorphic evolution”.

Jessica Kitch (2019)

Ms Jess Kitch (Plymouth University) has won the 2019 Marjorie Sweeting Dissertation Award for her dissertation titled “Sediment Source Fingerprinting in the Merriott Stream Catchment, Somerset”.

Jessica Kitch (2019)

Jessica Kitch has won the 2019 Marjorie Sweeting award for her dissertation involving sediment fingerprinting to assess soil properties.

Natasha Wallum (2018)

Title: Modelling the effects of climate change and sea-level rise on complex soft cliff coastlines.

Caitlin Curry (2017)

Title: A New Era of Targeted Reforestation: The Benefits of Utilising UAV Technology when Determining the Spatial Distributions of Land-Use and Diffuse Pollution Risk, Lake Rawa Pening, Central Java


Hannah Mallinson (2015)

The dissertation was praised by the committee for being an all-round excellent piece of work that was well executed. Hannah was unable to attend the awards ceremony to receive her award in person.

large_BSG MS winner 2015.jpg

Title: Glacial Isostatic Adjustment of the British Isles: A study of coastal response in Western Scotland and Southern Wales.

Benjamin Chandler (2014)

Citation: The dissertation presented new work on glaciation in the Ben More Coigach region as well as taking an overall view of the wider implications of the study for glaciological and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions in the Scottish Highlands. The committee felt that this was an exceptional publishable dissertation, highly relevant to geomorphology and worthy of a Masters thesis.

Emma Washington (2013)

Citation: A novel and outstanding piece of research presented to a very high standard, which used cutting edge techniques to assess the factors controlling landslide susceptibility along the Mugling-Marayanghat highway, Nepal

Title: Landslide susceptibility and risk along the Mugling-Narayanghat highway, Nepal

Barnaby Bedford (2012)

Citation: a sophisticated, novel, multi-approach dissertation presented to a highly professional standard.

Title: To What Extent is Evidence from the Last Stadial a Proxy for the Long-Term Pattern of Glaciation in Scotland?