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Dr Bethan Davies (2021)

The winner this year is Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway). Dr Davies’ research advances our understanding of how ice masses behave in different climatic regimes, using wide-ranging analytical skills including geomorphological mapping, glaciology sedimentology, cosmogenic nuclide dating, remote sensing and numerical glacier modelling. Her work is internationally recognized for advances in our understanding ice-sheet behaviour and cryosphere-ocean-atmosphere interactions and she has published widely in these fields. Dr Davies is committed to public outreach.

Joe Wheaton (2020)

The Gordon Warwick Award for 2020 is given to Dr Joe Wheaton, for his excellence in research on ecogeomorphology, fluvial science and river management. He was awarded his doctorate in 2008  from the University of Southampton for a thesis entitled “Uncertainty from Morphological Sediment Budgeting in Rivers”. Since then, much of his research has focused on tackling ecosystem and watershed management challenges. Now an Associate Professor at Utah State University, he leads a vibrant research group (the ET-AL Lab).

Walter Bertoldi (2019)

Dr Walter Bertoldi has won the 2019 Gordon Warwick award for his impressive portfolio of theoretical and applied research on river dynamics.

Larissa Naylor (2018)

The Gordon Warwick Award is made annually for excellence in geomorphological research by someone within 15 years of being awarded their doctorate (i.e. time since graduation). The 2018 Award is made to Dr Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow). Larissa is a geomorphologist who has made significant contributions in the areas of biogeomrophology and rock coast geomorphology. She already has 35 publications in Q1 journals, several reports and book chapters. She has also successfully mentored 5 Ph.D students and 4 postdocs.

Martin Austin (2017)

Dr Martin Austin of Bangor University has won the Gordon Warwick award for his contributions to coastal geomorphology.

Kirstie Fryirs (2015)

The 2015 award to Dr Kirstie Fryirs recognises her outstanding ‘early career’ contribution to geomorphological research and scholarship.

Simon Mudd (2014)

The 2014 Gordon Warwick Medal for ‘early career’ excellence in geomorphological research is awarded to Dr Simon Mudd (Edinburgh) for his leading role in advancing our understanding of how physical and geochemical processes interact to shape the Earth’s hillslopes, combining insightful theory with carefully designed field studies.

Dr Mudd was presented with his award byBSG President Ken Gregory at the BSGAnnual Conference at the University of Manchester (1st – 3rd September 2014).

Chris Stokes (2013)

The 2013 award to Dr Chris Stokes (Durham) recognises his pioneering research on subglacial processes and landforms and their relationship to ice sheet dynamics, particularly ice streaming.

Dr Stokes was presented with his award byBSG President Ken Gregory at the BSGAnnual Conference at Royal Holloway University of London (9-11th September 2013).

Dimitri Lague (2012)

The 2012 award to Dr Dimitri Lague (Géosciences, Université de Rennes) is particularly for his contributions to the understanding of the balance between sediment transport and bedrock incision in steep, upland rivers.

Dr Lague was presented with his award by BSG President Ken Gregory at the BSGAnnual Conference at Nottingham (25-27th June 2012).