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Stormy Geomorphology
Dr. Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow); Dr. Tom Spencer (University of Cambridge)



Extreme storms and floods are increasing in frequency and intensity across much of the globe. These events have caused considerable geomorphic change and have raised awareness about the role geomorphology can play in managing the landscape and human impacts of these extreme effects. In many instances, the global geomorphology community has been interviewed as experts by the media. This has helped raise the profile of our discipline. Policy makers and practitioners are actively discussing geomorphology-based solutions to reduce the risks of future extreme events causing the similar levels of damage and disruption (even if geomorphology is not explicitly mentioned). These events, the prolonged human impacts they have caused, and the geomorphic responses to them create the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the significant contributions geomorphology makes to anticipating, contextualising (in space and time), measuring and managing the landscape to be more resilient to future extremes. This fixed-term working group aims to bring together world-leading experts in this field, through a conference and Special Issue of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, to showcase the fundamental role geomorphology plays in an age of extremes. In doing so, it will demonstrate that Geomorphology has much to contribute to understand, measure, predict and manage the landscape impacts, and human consequences, of extreme events. The working group has thus been set up to help raise the discipline’s profile within and beyond geomorphology, in academic and applied settings. It is important that the ‘geomorphological voice’ is heard in an increasingly stormy world.

The aim of this working group is to coordinate two high profile activities that together aim to heighten awareness of the fundamental contribution that geomorphology can make to science and society in an age of extremes. The two activities are:

1) A one day International Conference on Stormy Geomorphology: geomorphic contributions in an age of extremes to be held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 11 May 2015.
2) An invited Special Issue of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms on the same topic, bringing together the current global state-of-the-art understanding on this topic.

For further information please contact the working group Co-Chairs, Tom Spencer ([email protected]) for activity 1 and Larissa Naylor ([email protected]) for activity 2.

Further information:

Email: [email protected]