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Mike Kirkby Award

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The Mike Kirkby award is given to the best paper published in the BSG's Journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, as decided by the ESPL editorial board. The paper is selected from the volume of the journal for the given year of the Award.

Latest Winner

Olivia Steinemann et al (2021)

The Michael J. Kirkby Award for 2021 is given to Olivia Steinemann and co-authors for the best paper published in Volume 45 (2020). The paper, "Quantifying glacial erosion on a limestone bed and the relevance for landscape development in the Alps", is highly original in looking at glacial erosion over limestone rather than crystalline bedrock. Using a blended methodology involving geomorphological mapping, cosmogenics and numerical modelling that erosion rates in such environments are orders of magnitude lower than those typical of crystalline cases. This was attributed to the effects of strongly karstified limestone and its structural geology on erosion rates. Not only are the findings important given current interest in global glacial erosion