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Mike Kirkby Award

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The Mike Kirkby award is given to the best paper published in the BSG's Journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, as decided by the ESPL editorial board. The paper is selected from the volume of the journal for the given year of the Award.

Latest Winner

Catriona Thompson (2020)

The Michael Kirkby Award for the best paper published in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms in 2019 is made to Catriona Thompson and colleagues for their paper "Wave impacts on coastal cliffs: Do bigger waves drive greater ground motion?" Not only is this paper an exemplary demonstration of the power of new geophysical methods, notably environmental seismology, for monitoring geomorphic processes, it also provides fundamental and new understanding of cliff erosion mechanisms. It shows that how waves break as they approach the base of cliffs impacts dramatically upon the intensity of resultant ground motions and hence erosion potential."