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The Dick Chorley Award

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One of Dick Chorley’s lasting contributions to geomorphology lies in the post-graduate students whom he inspired and guided at the start of their academic careers. Many have gone on to academic careers themselves, and include several of the leading figures in British geomorphology. In recognition of Dick’s commitment to serving the future of the discipline, the BSG has decided to honour his memory by creating the Dick Chorley Medal and Prize (£500) for Postgraduate Research. The award is made for a published paper based on PhD research, where the nominee is expected to be the first author. Nominees should be within 4 years of their PhD award at the time of nomination.

Nominations are drawn together for the selection process in January each year and should be suibmitted by the end of December of the preceding year. Unsuccessful nominations will be carried forward for a maximum of two further years, if (i) the Research Committee deems them to be of a sufficiently high calibre to be competitive in future years and (ii) the nominee remains eligible for the Award.

Latest Winner

Duna Roda-Boluda (2020)

The Dick Chorley Medal and Prize for 2020 is given to Dr Duna Roda-Boluda based on the paper Roda-Boluda, D et al., (2019) 10Be erosion rates controlled by transient response to normal faulting through incision and landsliding. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 507, 140153, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2018.11.032. This paper was considered by the committee to demonstrate excellence by linking a process-based understanding of landsliding with field data, geochemistry and modelling across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. The research was carried out as part of Dr Roda-Boluda’s PhD (awarded 2017). In the paper. Dr Roda-Boluda creatively combined field geomorphology, cosmogenic radionuclide (CRN) analyses and mathematical modelling to quantify numerous characteristics of landslide activity for the first time. She has already received several awards (including the Bernie Smith award from the BSG in 2016, and the Spanish Concepción Aleixandre Award for Women Scientists in 2019) which are testament to her diverse talents and interdisciplinary approach to geomorphology.