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Postgraduate Research Grant

Deadline(s): 30 September and 1 February

Postgraduate Research Grants are available to:
(1) Contribute towards the specific costs (e.g., travel for research, consumables, etc) of research projects proposed by postgraduate members of the Society. Eligible costs would normally include such items as the costs of field visits, purchase of data, items of equipment, etc. The BSG Postgraduate Research Grant aims to provide additional research funds for postgraduates to extend the scale and scope of their projects and should not be used to fund standard Ph.D. activities.
(2) A Covid-19 Relief fund is available for postgraduate members of the Society whose work or training has been directly impacted by Covid-19.This may include costs associated with:
- Delay of cancellation of fieldwork;
- Increase of fieldwork costs due to Covid-19 quarantine regulations;
- Extra field (or other) assistance related to Covid H&S compliance;
- Buying extra equipment or secondary data due to a change in plans due to Covid-19;
- Laboratory-based project funds due to Covid-19 mitigation strategies for fieldwork;
- Extra computing resources due to changes from fieldwork to remote work;
- Field or laboratory training that may have that applicants may have missed out on due to Covid-19 restrictions impacting practical elements of undergraduate and Masters courses.

This is not an exclusive list and we acknowledge that Covid-19 has affected the postgraduate community in different ways. We will assess the applications on a case-by-case basis, hence we ask that you give as much detail as possible regarding how Covid-19 has affected your research so that we can make a fair assessment.
Applicants are advised that the Society does not make awards on a full economic costing basis, and that the following costs are not eligible: salaries, core funding or overheads to institutions, bench fees, charges to access laboratory facilities at your home institution (though the Society will support the direct costs of laboratory consumables where these are fully justified), and conferences (support designed to enable postgraduate attendance of conferences is available under a separate scheme).

Applicants must fully justify any resources requested. Particular attention should be paid to justifying requests for subsistence (e.g. during research visits or fieldwork) – the BSG is only likely to offer partial support for subsistence, taking into account the normal costs of living. Where funding is sought for dating costs, other bodies such as NERC should be approached first, unless the date is needed urgently or is for a single sample and therefore unlikely to attract NERC support, or the need has arisen due to Covid-19 related project changes. Applicants should outline the full cost of the research, taking care to fully justify any resources requested from the BSG. Applicants are also required to provide details of how any additional costs associated with the project (i.e. those not requested from the Society) will be met, indicating how the request for support relates to any existing projects. Value may be added to proposals if applicants can demonstrate matched or partial funding from other sources.

All successful applicants are required to:
• acknowledge BSG (Wiley) support where relevant (publications and conferences),
• provide a written report to the Reports Officer for publication on the website,
• regard Earth Surface Processes and Landforms as the primary outlet for publication of papers and special issues,
• claim their awards within 1 month of notification, otherwise the BSG reserve the right to withdraw the grant award.

BSG follows the UK Concordat on open data and we would normally expect any recipients of funding to adhere to this policy. BSG maps to HEFCE and RCUK policy on publishing and expects results to be published using at least a green open access route.

Grant applications

Members with correct permissions may apply for this Grant...

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the on-line application details. You will also be asked to provide the contact details for an individual (normally your PhD supervisor/advisor who can provide a supporting reference. That reference should also confirm you are a registered student. On submission of your application, your referee will be contacted automatically via e-mail and invited to upload their statements. Note that an application is NOT complete until the reference is uploaded. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their referee uploads their statement by the published funding deadline: incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants are therefore advised to submit the on-line application well in advance of the stated deadline.

An email will be generated automatically to confirm successful receipt of the application.

Click here for details of the assessment criteria and procedures.

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