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BSG Special Call: Decolonising Geomorphology

The British Society for Geomorphology invites applications to a special call on ‘Decolonising Geomorphology’. Two grants of up to £5000 are available for this purpose.


Proposals should be developed from a decolonial lens and should address past or contemporary issues of (neo‑)colonialism within geomorphology and associated disciplines, and should align with at least one of the following topics:

  • assess impacts and legacy of past or contemporary (neo‑)colonialism within geomorphology and associated disciplines;
  • help to foster inclusive collaborations between researchers in geomorphology from across the globe;
  • contribute to ending parachute science.


Proposals can include –but are not limited to– primary research, collaborative research, literature studies, online-writing retreats, workshops, or short-courses within geomorphology or associated disciplines.



The BSG has allocated £10000 for this special call and expects to award two grants of up to £5000 each.



Applications for this special call are due on 30 September 2021.



This special call is open to all BSG members. Proposals can be submitted by individual researchers or collaborative teams, but should be led by researchers identifying as part of the global majority.


acceptable expenses

Eligible costs would normally include such items as travel, meeting room hire, the purchase of data, etc. As with other BSG grants, applicants are advised that the Society does not make awards on a full economic costing basis, and that the following costs are not eligible: salaries, core funding or overheads to institutions, bench fees, charges to access laboratory facilities at your home institution or conferences.

Applicants should outline the full cost of the research, taking care to fully justify any resources requested from the BSG. Particular attention should be paid to justifying requests for subsistence (e.g. during research visits or fieldwork) – the BSG is only likely to offer partial support for subsistence, taking into account the normal costs of living. Applicants are also required to provide details of how any additional costs associated with the project (i.e. those not requested from the Society) will be met.



Grant recipients are expected to:

  • provide a written report to the Reports Officer for the website,
  • acknowledge BSG support (e.g. BSG grant reference number) in any outputs that may arise from the activity undertaken,
  • regard Earth Surface Processes and Landforms as the primary outlet for publication of papers and special issues,
  • claim their awards within 6 months of notification, otherwise the BSG reserve the right to withdraw the grant award.

The BSG follows the UK Concordat on open data and we would normally expect any recipients of funding to adhere to this policy. BSG maps to HEFCE and RCUK policy on publishing and expects results to be published using at least a green open access route.

Grant applications

Members with correct permissions may apply for this Grant...

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the on-line application form and associated on-line supporting statement.

The maximum funding is listed in the call. It is the applicant's respnsibility to check the maximum amount in each scheme. 

For OSL grants the "funding" can be left blank as the assumption is the funding will be for 6 OSL samples. 

For Carer, OSL and Decolonising geomorphology grants please select "full member grant" from the drop down list in the grant type but then indicate the scheme in your grant title.  

Click here for details of the assessment criteria and procedures.


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