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Marjorie Sweeting Dissertation Prize - Nominations Open

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Entries are invited for this annual competition. The award (£200 plus funded attendance at the BSG Annual Conference) is presented to the successful nominee at the Annual General Meeting, the details of which will be announced via the BSG website. The agreed guidelines for assessment are as follows.

Subject area: the field of geomorphology: earth surface process, and the erosion, deposition and formation of landforms and sediments. Foci can include the physical geography of river, valley, glacier, mountain, hill, slope, coast, desert and estuary environments; alongside responses to Holocene, Quaternary and other long term environmental changes.

Originality: The project should be an independent study, originated by the student. In particular, it should not be linked to a funded research programme, nor exhibit undue influence of or similarity to the supervisor’s known and published work.

Assessment criteria: In recognition of the fact that different departments operate under various rubrics in respect of length, weighting, supervision and presentation, and in order to embrace this variation in a fair manner, the main criterion of assessment shall be excellence as a work of science in the field of geomorphology. Please see below for full criteria.

Entries can be submitted online here