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Professional Geomorphology and Practice Sub-Committee

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To lead, support and improve the discipline of applied professional geomorphology

An applied professional geomorphologist means any geomorphologist who applies their expertise by providing geomorphological advice or services, including those working in consultancy, government, academia or the third sector (eg within Trusts, NGO’s and charities).

Committee structure

The Committee for Professional Geomorphology and Practice promotes professional geomorphology by supporting Continuing Professional Development for, and the accreditation of, practicing geomorphologists, as well as promoting the development and communication of geomorphological guidance in relation to practice and policy.

Terms of reference

Vision and aims

Committee Member
Richard Jeffries (Environment Agency)
Vice Chair
Katy Kemble (Jacobs)
Ordinary Secretary
Jo Shanahan (Environment Agency)
Sub-Committee member - regulatory sector
Suzie Maas (Atkins)
Sub-Committee member - consultancy sector

Sub-Committee member - academic community

Postgraduate member