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Monthly News and Jobs Digest - September 2017

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Welcome to the September Digest from the Press Office of the British Society for Geomorphology. Below you will find the latest New, Jobs and Opportunities sent in by our membership over the last month.

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#BSGNews sent in by members


The 2017 Annual General Meeting in Hull #BSG2017

This time last week we were all saying our goodbyes at the end of a highly successful Annual General Meeting at the University of Hull. We extend a huge thank you and our congratulations to Dan Parsons, Chris Hackney and Chloe Morris, plus the rest of the organising committee. The activities surrounding the Meeting kicked-off on the Sunday, with an Experimental Workshop being held at the Total Environment Simulator at The Deep, and SeriousGeoGames demonstrating geomorphology in virtual reality as part of the city’s Freedom Festival.


The Experiment Workshop at the Total Environment Simulator (Left, by @StuartMcLelland), and the Science Lab at Freedom Festival (Right, by @ChloeMorris_13)

The first day of the Meeting saw the second part of the Experimental Workshop, using CAESAR-Lisflood to try different flood defence strategies. A special mention to Josh Ahmed who managed to both increase sediment yields on part one, and flooding in part two. There were also workshops for Industry, Teaching and Publications.

See a 360 Timelapse of delegates arriving here.

The Hull team had pulled out all the stops for this year’s Conference Pack. Particular highlights were the SeriousGeoGames VISR headsets*, and of course, that Hull staple, Chip Spice**.  


The contents of the Conference Packs


The Visual Minutes by More than Minutes, artwork based on the Scientific Programme (by @212jess)

The second day of the Meeting closed with the Conference Dinner, held this year under the watchful gaze of piranha in the Two Rivers restaurant at The Deep. The ‘networking’ went on into the early hours, thanks to the excellent entertainment from the band, The Bootleggers.

Get a 360 taste of the Conference Dinner here.

On the final day of the Meeting delegates heard an update on the health of Physical Geography as a subject from the Royal Geographical Society. The AGM was held, and various amendments to the Society’s structure and committees were discussed and agreed, aimed at providing more opportunities and resources for members from Industry. The Meeting was closed by Tom Coulthard.


Tom Coulthard closes the Conference (Left). 

See a 360 view of the Visual Minutes and the Organising Committee here.


BSG at UnEarthed – NERC Science Showcase 2017

In conjunction the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee the BSG outreach committee will be running a ‘Glaciers, water, and sand…you are in command!!’ activity at the NERC UnEarthed event.  The event, to be held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh in November is open to schools, the general public, NGOs and government stakeholders with an expected 6000 visitors over the 4 days. The team will be running three hands on activities broadly based around the hydrological cycle; an augmented reality sandbox will be used to show surface water processes, a 3D printed model of Ben Nevis with a liberal application of ‘glacial goo’ will show glacial processes and an electron microscope will project thin sections of the different rocks which underlay Arthur’s Seat onto the big screen to look at how the properties of rock control the availability of groundwater. 

The University of Hull, SeriousGeoGames and the Environment Agency will also be running the ‘Science of Floods’ exhibit, featuring the ever-popular River-in-a-Box mini-flume, and the Virtual Reality games – TideBox and Flash Flood! They will also be seen around Edinburgh with their science busking.

We are keen to hear from any members of the Society if there are planning on exhibiting and/or attending this event.


The Flood Expo 2017

Flood Expo Event Listing - BSG.jpg

We have renewed our partnership with the Flood Expo. Dr Chris Skinner, University of Hull and Press Officer for the Society, will presenting on behalf of the BSG and promoting the work of the Society.

“The Flood Expo is the world’s largest exhibition and conference designed to help the most progressive flood professionals and property owners discover the latest innovative products, services and strategies that transform the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed”

The Flood Expo takes place at ExCeL London on 27th and 28th September 2017. Tickets are free, and can be ordered from the website.


ARCC Network Meeting – Flooding and Business

The ARCC network is an EPSRC-funded knowledge exchange network to bring together the research, policy and practice communities in the built environment and infrastructure sectors. We are coordinating a research synthesis workshop on 9 October in Leeds around flooding and business.  We intend on working across EPSRC, ESRC, NERC and possibly even MRC in pulling together an evidence base that can be used by the many industry flood guidance packs available for businesses (particularly SMEs) such as that from the Bonfield Review, the Defra roundtable, BRE, CIRIA, and various insurance guides.


#BSGJobs and Opportunities sent in by members


Senior Research Fellow in Geomorphology and Flood Risk, Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull. Deadline: 25th September 2017


PhD Studentship at the University of Hull: The Efficacy and Long-term Evolution of Natural Flood Risk Management Interventions: A Combined Experimental and Numerical Modelling Approach. Deadline: 2nd October 2017

Supervisor – Dr Chris Skinner


*You can use your headset with any of the 360 videos shown in this post. You will need to view a video on a smart phone, via the YouTube App - it will not work via the phone's web browser. Bring up the video and click the Goggle icon in the bottom-right of the video. This will split the screen in two. Centre the two images in your headset and immerse yourself in #BSG2017. There are plenty of free apps and videos available which can be used with the headsets, and they are compatible with Google Expeditions.

**To try your Chip Spice, apply to any portion of chips or fries. Also goes with pizza. Warning - is highly addictive.