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Support for geography postgraduates from the Royal Geographical Society (with IGB)

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You may not be aware that the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) supports postgraduates in a wide variety of ways. We encourage you to make use of these and to get actively involved in the Society and with our activities. If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] for more information.

Join us
If you are not already a Postgraduate Fellow of the Society, join now!  As a Postgraduate Fellow of the RGS-IBG, you can also use your membership for discounts on courses and the annual conference, networking through research groups, and exchanging ideas through the postgraduate forum.  Fellowship for postgraduates is £30 per year (with no joining fee). Postgraduate Fellowship is widely recognised as a commitment to the geographical research community.
W www.rgs.org/JoinUs/Postgraduate+Fellowship.htm  


Postgraduate Forum
The Postgraduate Forum (PGF) serves to foster communications among postgraduates; provides information about events, activities and funding; and offers support and opportunities for postgraduates to further develop their professional skills and credentials. Make contact with other postgraduates in your field through the online forums.
W www.pgforum.org.uk  [email protected]_RGSIBG

Research Groups
The Society’s Research and Working Groups bring together active researchers and those with a professional interest in a particular aspect of geography and related disciplines. They are involved in a wide range of activities, the levels of which vary between groups, but can include seminars, conferences, workshops, reading days, awards for outstanding work etc. Some groups have postgraduate dissertation prizes and travel funding available for conferences.  Postgraduate Fellows are entitled to join any of the groups for free – please let us know and we will update your records.
W www.rgs.org/ResearchGroups  

The Society provides funding for geographical research, fieldwork and teaching. The grants are wide-ranging and offer support for field-based, desk and archival research conducted independently and in teams. Grants are for work in both the UK and overseas and range in value up to £6,000. Postgraduate research grant deadlines are in November and February. See the website for further details.
W www.rgs.org/Grants  


Geobyte - news updates for geographers
Receive regular updates and news about upcoming events, announcements, vacancies, funding & postgraduate opportunities in the geographical research and higher education community. There is the option to subscribe via email or RSS.  
W www.rgs.org/geobyte

Guides for researchers

Download our free guides on ‘Publishing and Getting Read’ and ‘Communicating Geographical Research Beyond the Academy’. Written by leading academics and users of geographical research they provide clear and practical advice on two key topics for researchers.

W www.rgs.org/Guides

Keep up with the latest journal content and geographical news stories by following the Geography Directions blog, or sign up to be a contributor. Postgraduates are encouraged to consider submitting a paper to Area, which publishes the latest geographical research with an annual prize for the best paper by an early career researcher.

W www.rgs.org/Journals

W www.geographydirections.com   [email protected]   facebook.com/geographydirections

Annual International Conference
The RGS-IBG Annual International Conference attracts over 1,500 geographers from around the world.  The 2016 Annual Conference will be held at the Society, chaired by Professor Peter Jackson (University of Sheffield) with the theme ‘Nexus Thinking’. Postgraduates are encouraged to submit papers to sessions. For more information on deadlines:
W www.rgs.org/AC2016

E [email protected]   


Resources for research, teaching and learning
The Society has a wide range of resources available for research, teaching and learning, including its Collections, online exhibitions, videos, talks and interviews. These may be of interest to you or useful for tutorials or lectures that you teach.
W www.rgs.org/learningteachingresearch 

The RGS-IBG has over 2 million documents, maps, photographs, paintings, periodicals, artefacts and books, spanning 500 years of geography, travel & exploration, available for research, learning and teaching.  
W www.rgs.org/Collections  

21st Century Challenges
The 21st Century Challenges series aims to improve public understanding of, and engagement with, some of the key issues likely to affect our lives and society in the coming years and thereby aid people in making their own informed decisions and judgements on these issues, including: migration, the digital divide, sustainability, pollution, climate, population, and energy.  The series now has a comprehensive archive of talks, interviews, videos and discussion materials that would be ideal for tutorials.
W www.21stcenturychallenges.org/  


For more details please visit http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Study+Geography/Support+for+postgraduates.htm