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Geography, Earth and Environmental Science (GEES) LinkedIn network

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Are you interested in keeping in touch with what is going on to support teaching and learning in Geography? Discipline-based information can be accessed through THE GEES (Geography, Earth and Enivronmental Science) network LinkedIn page. The LinkedIn group has been set up and is managed by academics. It is a great way to receive information and to also take part in (or lurk on) teaching-focused discussions.

How to find us on LinkedIn:

Type ‘THE GEES network’ into the search box on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com).

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which it is free to join.

Blog: ‘What works for teaching and learning in HE GEES’

Would you like to contribute? We invite blog posts of around 500-700 words about things you have tried in learning and teaching and your reflections. Please contact Sarah Dyer (at Exeter University). Please visit our site to read and comment on others’ posts: https://teachingfocusedgeesnetwork.wordpress.com/what-works-for-teaching-and-learning-in-he-gees/ .