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Geomorphological Outreach Grant

Deadline(s): Normally 1 February and 30 September, but exceptions can be discussed with the Chair of Outreach

Grants of up to £1000 are available to full members of the society who would like to organise geomorphological outreach activities involving schools, the general public or industry. We encourage activities that promote or stimulate discussion about geomorphology, particularly those attracting media attention. All projects must be aimed at a non-academic audience, must provide a clear demonstration of direct interaction with the target audience, and must attempt to evaluate their impact.

The proposal must show evidence of how the proposed project will:

  • Increase public understanding of, and engagement with, geomorphology
  • Stimulate discussion about geomorphology and its implications for society
  • Inspire and enthuse people of all ages about the science of geomorphology, especially those not previously interested

Typically the grant may be used to help cover:

  1. Consumable costs for, and the development of, equipment for geomorphological demonstrations;
  2. Cost of hiring equipment for geomorphological demonstrations;
  3. Attendance costs at outreach events such as science festivals; travel, subsistence, accommodation and registration costs

Applications will NOT be considered for:

  1. Staff salaries
  2. Purchase of computers and cameras, unless these are integral to the application.
  3. Academic meetings

Eligibility and Conditions

All successful applicants are required to

  1. acknowledge BSG and Wiley support where relevant
  2. provide a written report to the Secretary of Outreach for the website,
  3. share any resources produced (e.g. posters, activity sheets) with the BSG for publication on the website to ensure longevity of resources. The BSG logo must be used on any resources produced.
  4. claim their awards within 1 month of notification, otherwise the BSG reserve the right to withdraw the grant award. 

If you would like to run a joint event (e.g. between your company, school or university and the BSG), then you must make it clear how the BSG is going to be represented, and demonstrate match support from the other organisation.

Grant applications

Members with correct permissions may apply for this Grant...

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the on-line application form and associated on-line supporting statement.

An email will be generated automatically to confirm successful receipt of the application.

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