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Geomorphological Outreach Grant

Deadline(s): Normally 1 February and 30 September*

Maximum Value: £1000

The Geomorphology Outreach Grant supports projects that seek to promote geomorphology as a science and/or the British Society for Geomorphology to a general public audience and in education. Supported projects should not be self-contained and will provide either experiences or resources that can be used by the wider Membership and geomorphological community to enhance their own activities. For example, an application to support an exhibit within a festival will be expected to return documentation on evaluation, lessons learned, and suggestions for best practice to be shared with the Membership, or an application to run school workshops should provide copies of their resources and lesson plans to share. All applications must demonstrate the benefit of the project to the Society.

Examples of benefits for the Society –

  • Increases public understanding and interest in geomorphology
  • Stimulates discussion about geomorphology and its relevance to global issues and society
  • Encourages and supports the teaching of geomorphology at all levels of education
  • Equips people (eg, Members, Teachers) to further geomorphology outreach and education

Costs we cannot cover –

  • Salary costs
  • Purchasing of computer and camera equipment unless integral to the application
  • Academic meetings

Conditions for all applications –

The following conditions apply for all applications, if you cannot guarantee these will be met we cannot support your application. Further conditions may be applied as appropriate to individual applications.

  • Acknowledge BSG and Wiley where appropriate, including display of the BSG logo on all produced materials
  • Any resources produced must be made freely and easily available to the membership for as long as the BSG wishes. This includes lessons plans, posters, activity sheets, books, etc.
  • Claim the award within 1 month of notification, otherwise the BSG reserves the right to withdraw the grant award
  • Provide a written report to the Secretary of the Outreach and Education Committee within 12 months of claiming the award to be shared with the Membership

*Applications outside the cycle may be considered in exceptional circumstance through discussion with the Chair of the Outreach and Education Committee

Grant applications

Members with correct permissions may apply for this Grant...

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the on-line application form and associated on-line supporting statement.

The maximum funding is listed in the call. It is the applicant's respnsibility to check the maximum amount in each scheme. 

For OSL grants the "funding" can be left blank as the assumption is the funding will be for 6 OSL samples. 

For Carer, OSL and Decolonising geomorphology grants please select "full member grant" from the drop down list in the grant type but then indicate the scheme in your grant title.  

Click here for details of the assessment criteria and procedures.


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