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This last year, the Outreach and Education sub-Committee have been discussing the best ways we can support educators incorporate more geomorphology into their materials. Whilst the consensus is that we should be supporting members in producing their own resources and providing a place to share them more widely, we wanted to be actively creating our own too.

We decided the best way would be to produce a series of provocations to demonstrate how geomorphology is truly an active, living, and dynamic research area, and having direct implications to many of the issues facing society.

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting members into debates around some of the most pressing questions in geomorphology. For example, do our landscapes change through a series of small changes that happen often, or through big changes that happen rarely.

The best way is to contribute via Twitter (if you can provide a short video clip, even better) and we will pull the conversations together and make a video to summarise.

Finally, when life gets back to some sort of normality, we will get these made into professional looking resources supported by education packs. This first week, we want to know what these questions are - what should we be debating? Let us know on the hashtag #BSGdebates

We hope the debates will be intense but please keep it civil and play nice.