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List of BSG Fellows

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If year elected is not listed, this indicates the fellow is one of the founder fellows from 2013, made up of BSG Chairs and Linton award winners up to 2013. 

Current fellows

Allison, Professor Robert (Chair 2007-8); wikipedia 

Ashworth, Professor Phil (elected 2014); profile, scholar

Baker, Professor Victor (Linton award 1995); profilescholar 

Ballantyne, Professor Colin (elected 2017); profile, scholar

Bishop, Professor Paul (Chair 2006-7); scholar

Boardman, Professor John (elected 2016); scholar

Brunsden, Professor Denys (Linton award 1993, Chair 1984-5); researchgate

Bullard, Professor Joanne (elected 2018); scholar

Burt, Professor Tim (Chair 1995-6, Linton award 2017 ); scholar

Church, Professor Michael (Linton award 1996); researchgate

Cooke, Professor Sir Ronald (Chair 1978-9); wikipedia

Derbyshire, Professor Edward (Chair 1982-3 ); researchgate

Dietrich, Professor William (Linton award 2006); wikipedia, scholar

Douglas, Professor Ian (Chair 1980-1); citation from IAG

Dowdeswell, Professor Julian; wikipedia, scholar

Dunne, Professor Thomas (Linton award 2008); wikipedia, scholar

Evans, Professor Robert (elected 2017)

Evans, Dr Ian (Chair 1996-7); researchgate; scholar

Ferguson, Professor Rob (Linton award 2005, Chair 1997-8); scholar

Foster, Professor Ian (elected 2016); researchgate

Frostick, Professor Lynne (Chair 2008-9); wikipedia

Goudie, Professor Andrew (Linton award 2009, Chair 1988-9); wikipedia

Gregory, Professor Ken (Linton award 1999, Chair 1985-6); researchgate

Gurnell, Professor Angela (Linton award 2012, Chair 2005-6); scholar

Harvey, Professor Adrian (Linton award 2010, Chair 2003-4); 

Hooke, Professor Janet (Chair 2000-1); scholar

Jones, Professor David (Chair 1991-2); profile

Kirkby, Professor Mike (Linton award 1989); wikipedia; scholar

Kirkby, Mrs Fiona (elected 2019)

Lane, Professor Stuart (elected 2015); scholar

Lang, Professor Andreas (Chair 2009-10); scholar

Lewin, Professor John (Linton award 2011, Chair 1989-90); scholar

Macklin, Professor Mark (Chair 2004-5); scholar

Nanson, Professor Gerald (Linton award 2013); scholar

Oldfield, Professor Frank (Linton award 1992); scholar

Orme, Professor Antony (elected 2015); researchgate

Parsons, Professor Anthony (Chair 1999-2000); researchgate

Reid, Professor Ian (Elected 2016)

Richards, Professor Keith (Chair 1994-5); profile

Slaymaker, Professor Olav (Linton award 2003); researchgate

Souch, Dr Catherine (elected 2019); profileresearchgate

Starkel, Professor Leszek (Linton award 1985); wikipedia

Sugden, Professor David (Linton award 2004, Chair 1983-4); wikipedia

Thomas, Professor David (Chair 2002-3); wikipedia, scholar 

Thomas, Professor Michael (Linton award 2001, Chair 1981-2);

Viles, Professor Heather (Chair 2011-12, 2012-14); scholar

Walling, Professor Desmond (Linton award 2007, Chair 1990-1); scholar

Werritty, Professor Alan (Chair 1998-9); scholar

Whalley, Professor Brian (Chair 1993-4); scholar

Woodward, Professor Jamie (elected 2017); scholar


Past fellows

Brown, Professor E.H. (Linton award 1988, former Chair); memorial