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BSG Support for Conference or Session Sponsorship

Deadline(s): Normally 1 February and 30 September, but exceptions can be discussed with the BSG Admin Officer.

The BSG provides up to £500 sponsorship for conferences/conference sessions/event organisers that meet the stated Missions of the BSG: To support scientific excellence in geomorphology through:

  • Fostering excellence and increased investment and support for geomorphology
  • Developing applied geomorphological research, having a major impact on environmental policy and practice and providing a public benefit
  • Disseminating new geomorphological research and policy agendas
  • Developing a new generation of geomorphologists equipped to address interdisciplinary challenges.

Typically sponsorship has been used to support BSG keynote speakers, break-out discussion groups or workshops, as well as social/publicity events.

The BSG requires that:

  • The BSG is fully acknowledged at the event and in all publicity materials, including display of the BSG logo.
  • BSG Sponsored speakers use a BSG and Wiley Powerpoint slide at the beginning of their presentation. This is a presentation title slide and available from the BSG.
  • Organisers discuss with BSG event publicity, so that we can help with advertising BSG sponsored events.
  • The BSG encourages conference/session organisers to consider Earth Surface Processes and Landforms as an outlet for eventual publications.
  • The BSG requires a report from the conference (typically written by an attending postgraduate) to review the event for the BSG website and newsletter.
  • Those awarded funding must claim their awards within 1 month of notification, otherwise the BSG reserve the right to withdraw the award.

Grant applications

Members with correct permissions may apply for this Grant...

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the on-line application form and associated on-line supporting statement.

The maximum funding is listed in the call. It is the applicant's respnsibility to check the maximum amount in each scheme. 

For OSL grants the "funding" can be left blank as the assumption is the funding will be for 6 OSL samples. 

For Carer, OSL and Decolonising geomorphology grants please select "full member grant" from the drop down list in the grant type but then indicate the scheme in your grant title.  

Click here for details of the assessment criteria and procedures.


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