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In 2013, the BSG established Fellowships of the British Society for Geomorphology (FBSG). Initially all Linton award winners and all former chairs of the BSG/BGRG were contacted and invited to become Inaugural Fellows of the BSG. The list of fellows can be found here: https://geomorphology.org.uk/list-bsg-fellows.

Since 2013, members of the society can be nominated for Fellowship at any time but normally will have achieved at least 10 years experience of research and/or professional practice and/or pedagogic advances since graduation.


Nomination for election as Fellow of the British Society for Geomorphology should not be made of individuals in the same Institution as the nominating Fellow, and should be received at least two months before an AGM to ensure that successful cases are reported for that year. Nominations can be made only by an existing Fellow should be supported by at least two other Fellows. Nominees for Fellowship must be members of the Society. Please send nominations to the administrative assistant: [email protected].  

A nomination package should consist of the following: 1: Nomination letter (maximum 1 page) from a Fellow 2: cv of the nominee (maximum 2 pages) 3: Bibliography of the nominee (maximum 2 pages) 4, 5 … Letters of support from at least two other Fellows (maximum 1 page each) These components should be submitted together, as a single pdf file.

Nominees are considered for election by a panel of 7 Fellows.