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BSG Statement of Strategy 2018-2022

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The BSG, as the professional British organisation for geomorphologists, will advance the science of geomorphology, and provide a community and services for those involved in teaching, research or practice in geomorphology. It will continue to foster excellence and seek increased support for geomorphology through five main strands:

1. The promotion of geomorphological research through supporting the community by sponsoring co-operative and pump-priming research projects and the publication of the results of such research, training of early-career researchers and postgraduates, and supporting and organizing focused meetings and workshops. The BSG also aims to maintain and strengthen research partnerships, specifically through links with the Geological Society and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG), and enhance our co-operation on an international stage, with European and other international organizations, and with the IAG.

2. The promotion of educational activities and the wider public understanding of the science of geomorphology and its contribution to society, its presence in schools, by the preparation and dissemination of training and teaching materials, and the organization of conferences and courses and of related outreach activities.

3. The promotion of professional geomorphology by supporting the accreditation of geomorphologists via the CGeog (Geomorph) and other routes, the organization of workshops and conferences for practising geomorphologists, and the development of geomorphological guidance in relation to practice and policy.

4. The strengthening of the Society’s Financial base so that it can better carry out 1-3, and ensure resilience of the Society in the coming decades.

5. The provision of communications in appropriate formats, for both members and the wider public, in relation to 1-3 and to further ensure 4.