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Past and Upcoming meetings sponsored by the BSG


May 10-15 2020, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Integrated talks and field days in the Rio Grande rift to explore issues and encourage multi-disciplinary discussions focussed on alluvial fan systems and related environments.




5th International Alluvial Fans Conference (Christchurch, Nov 2015)

Aeolian Processes and Landforms at EGU (Vienna, April 2016)

Martian Gullies and their Earth Analogues (June 2016)

Windy Day’ meeting (Loughborough, October 2016)

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Research (Worcester, June 2016)

Australian and New Zealand Geomorphology Group Conference (Feb 2017)

Coastal Morphodynamics: Nearshore, Beach and Dunes’ meeting at EGU (Vienna, April 2017)

Measuring morphodynamics: Transitioning from methodological application to substantive advances in understanding at EGU (Vienna, April 2017)

International Conference on High Latitude Dust (Reykjavik, May 2017)

Dynamics and vulnerability of geomorphic systems under a changing climate: Sixth Irish Geomorphology Scientific Workshop (December 2018)

Non-Equilibrium Flow and Landform Coupling Workshop (Loughborough University, May 2019)

Holocene glacier change in High Mountain Asia (INQUA, July 2019)