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Bernie Smith Postgraduate Prize

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Awarded for the best poster and best presentation given by a postgraduate at the BSG annual general meeting.

Martin Geach and Chris Darvill (2013)

Oral: Martin Geach: Quantifying rates of long-term landscape change in the Tabernas Basin, SE Spain

Poster: Chris Darvill: The timing of glaciations in southernmost South America

Mitch D'Arcy and Morgan Gibson (2014)

Oral: Mitch D'Arcy: Glacial-interglacial climate variability recorded in debris flow fan deposits in California

Poster: Morgan Gibson: Supraglacial debris distribution, thickness and temperature on Himalaya glaciers from remote sensing and fieldwork observations

The Bernie Smith Award

Awarded to the best poster and talk given by a postgraduate at the BSG Annual General Meeting.

Alexander Horton and Poonperm Vardhanabindu (2015)

Best talk: Alexander Horton for his work titled: Modification of river meandering caused by tropical deforestation.

Best poster: Poonperm Vardhanabindu for his work titled: Measuring topographic change due to splash erosion using Structure from Motion.