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Walter Bertoldi (2019)

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Dr Walter Bertoldi has won the 2019 Gordon Warwick award for his impressive portfolio of theoretical and applied research on river dynamics.

In 2004 Walter Bertoldi gained a PhD for flume experiments on river bifurcations. This research (see Bertoldi and Tubino, 2007) was conducted in the Department of Engineering, University of Trento, building on Bachelor’s and Master’s qualifications in Environmental Engineering. Since then, Dr Bertoldi has built on his mathematical and experimental skills to include field monitoring, field experiments, and the analysis of remotely sensed data to pursue and expand his interests in the morphodynamics of braided rivers. By assimilating methods and ideas from other disciplines, notably geomorphology, he has developed a remarkable skill set, and has used it to make innovative advances in fluvial geomorphology. His current post, founded on this multi-disciplinary expertise, is to incorporate fluvial geomorphological approaches into the research and training of environmental engineers.
Walter Bertoldi is an outstanding researcher, who has contributed major advances to our understanding of braided river systems, including their responses to vegetation colonisation and management constraints. His outstanding contributions to new research ideas and methods is reflected in the international collaborations he has built with other researchers. As one of those researchers, I can affirm that he makes remarkable contributions to these joint efforts and their robust and exciting outcomes.

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