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Richard Hindmarsh and Chris Stokes (2009)

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Choosing the Wiley Award is a hugely difficult task, the committee agreed upon several papers which reflected the best of current geomorphological research, i.e. were innovative, thought-provoking and represented real advances in knowledge. Our final choice for the award for volume 33 (awarded 2009) is:

Hindmarsh, RCA and Stokes, CR (2008) Formation mechanisms for ice-stream lateral shear margin moraines. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33, 610-626.

The Wiley Award winner for 2009 reviews the characteristics of ‘lateral shear margin moraines’, which occur along palaeo ice streams, and present two quantitative models of their formation. The committee were particularly impressed by the way the paper combined file observations and numerical modelling to test hypotheses about the significance of surface processes in forming these important landforms. This provided some important new insights on formative mechanisms that would have a significant impact on future geomorphological debate on this topic.

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