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Larissa Naylor (2018)

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The Gordon Warwick Award is made annually for excellence in geomorphological research by someone within 15 years of being awarded their doctorate (i.e. time since graduation). The 2018 Award is made to Dr Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow). Larissa is a geomorphologist who has made significant contributions in the areas of biogeomrophology and rock coast geomorphology. She already has 35 publications in Q1 journals, several reports and book chapters. She has also successfully mentored 5 Ph.D students and 4 postdocs. Her early work investigated the role of biogeomorphic processes and was one of the first field experiments to quantify the interactions between biological colonisation, exposure and bioerosion at nano- to mesoscales. Her work was fundamental to advancing our understanding of the role of bioprotection, which had been less well investigated in comparison to bioerosion and bioconstruction. Her work has advanced the ability to measure and monitor interactions between organisms and carbonate substrata by using different microscopy techniques. Dr Naylor is a generational trail blazer in taking geomorphology into the applied science and societal impact realm. This is exemplified in the recent paper and her associated managing guest editor role of the special issue of ESPL on Stormy Geomorphology. In order to develop more resilient, less vulnerable socio-geomorphological systems in the face of increasing climatic extremes, the paper identified how geomorphology is essential to understanding the climatic extremes and highlighted geomorphology as a critical discipline. The scientific paper got significant media attention and brings geomorphology into informed debates on societal adaptation to extreme events. Dr Naylor is an impressive example of the new generation of geomorphologists. She is highly intelligent, energized, and passionate, deeply rooted in conceptual understanding, with extensive field experience and early adopter and innovator in advancing technologies. She is active in applying geomorphology to the significant societal issues we face in the Anthropocene.

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