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Kristof Van Oost (2008)

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Dr Kristof Van Oost (Département de Géographie, Université Catholique de Louvain). Kristof has worked in the field of erosion in the carbon cycle, which is a hotly contested issue at pre-sent producing much discussion that has been played out in high impact journals. The fundamental positions have been defined by others – Stallard (1998) identified the possibility that erosion creates a carbon sink; Lal (several papers in the last 5 years) has emphasised the deleterious impacts of erosion and the potential bene-fits of no-till. Kristof‟s papers represent the first inte-grated landscape modelling of carbon dynamics on ag-ricultural land – as opposed to single profile modelling that fails to account for spatial interrelationships and, thereby, provide a truly geomorphological perspective on this issue. Their importance, therefore, lies not only in the science presented but also in the showcasing of geomorphology in the major debates in environmental science.

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