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Dimitri Lague (2012)

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The 2012 award to Dr Dimitri Lague (Géosciences, Université de Rennes) is particularly for his contributions to the understanding of the balance between sediment transport and bedrock incision in steep, upland rivers.

Dr Lague was presented with his award by BSG President Ken Gregory at the BSGAnnual Conference at Nottingham (25-27th June 2012).

Over the past decade, and through a significant series of publications, Dimitri Lague has made a fundamental contribution to Geomorphology, specifically our understanding of erosional channels, the processes that shape them and their sensitivity to external forcing. This contribution consists of thorough, mainly theoretical and analytical, explorations of fluvial erosion laws, emphasizing the role of sediment transport and the variability of hydrological conditions, and theoretical as well as experimental studies of channel sensitivity to tectonic forcing, demonstrating how the stochastic nature of water discharge and sediment transport profoundly affects channel dynamics. Dimitri Lague has probed the details of well- established and widely used erosion laws, improved our understanding of their nature and implications, and added important aspects that have brought us closer to understanding how fluvial erosion works. He has done so in a patient, disciplined and extremely robust manner, communicating his findings in eloquent and elegant publications that are benchmarks in their field. Physical experiments and field observations, as well as the first principles of physics have served to inspire, inform and constrain Dimitri’s work, and the strength of his products derives from an effective combination of these approaches. Dimitri Lague has focused his attention tenaciously on a key aspect of landscape dynamics, achieved real and substantial progress through his highly individual effort, and helped others to optimize their scientific exploration with his infectious enthusiasm and relentless eye for detail.

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