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Chris Stokes (2013)

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The 2013 award to Dr Chris Stokes (Durham) recognises his pioneering research on subglacial processes and landforms and their relationship to ice sheet dynamics, particularly ice streaming.

Dr Stokes was presented with his award byBSG President Ken Gregory at the BSGAnnual Conference at Royal Holloway University of London (9-11th September 2013).

Since his PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2000, Chris has published nearly 40 papers advancing our understanding of the role of palaeo-ice streams in Pleistocene ice sheets through studies of glacial geomorphology from satellite imagery. He developed the first set of geomorphological criteria to identify the location of ice streams on former ice sheet beds resulting in two highly cited publications (Stokes & Clark, 1999; 2001) that have become benchmark papers in glacial geomorphological for the identification and interpretation of palaeo-ice streams. Chris’ subsequent work has focused on the reconstruction of ice stream basal processes from geomorphological evidence, and on determining the controls on their location and longevity, first demonstrating that ice streaming can occur over the ‘hard’ crystalline bedrock of the Canadian Shield. Most recently he has demonstrated that data from palaeo-ice streams can advance our understanding of their activity in modern-day ice sheets through the investigation of bed geomorphology beneath active large west Antarctic ice streams. His work is also pioneering in that it crosses sub-disciplinary boundaries through the application of palaeo-glaciological data to address current glaciological issues and improve numerical models and predictions of contemporary ice sheet dynamics, with implications for assessing the wider impacts of these ice streams for palaeoceanography. His interests extend to response of glaciers to recent climate change, glacial landforms and landscapes on Mars.

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