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Ann Rowan (2014)

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The 2014 award is to Dr. Anne Rowan, for the paper in Geology on ‘Drainage capture and discharge variations driven by glaciation in the Southern Alps, New Zealand’ (Geology 2013, 41: 199-202; with Plummer, Brocklehurst, Jones, Schultz). The paper uses a glacier mass balance and ice dynamics model to reconstruct ice extent and dynamics for the Rangitata, Ashburton and Rakaia catchments in the central Southern Alps, New Zealand, for a series of climate conditions spanning the last 40 ka. The significance of these results lies in the quantitative demonstration of the potential of glacier dynamics to dramatically alter the hydrological regimes of individual catchments with climate change, in addition to those changes in discharge that are driven by glacier advance and recession alone.

Dr Rowan was presented with her award by BSG President Ken Gregory at the BSG Annual Conference at the University of Manchester (1st – 3rd September 2014).

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